2023. november 10.

Boosting Reliability: How Innomedio Gained Peace of Mind with Automated Borg Backups to AWS S3

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Bene Ádám
Cloud engineer

In an age where data is king, ensuring its safety and accessibility is paramount. Innomedio, a forward-thinking company, recognized the need for enhanced reliability and data protection. This is the story of how we helped Innomedio achieve unprecedented peace of mind by implementing a robust backup solution. We set up automated copying of their Borg backups from their virtual private server to AWS S3 using AWS Transfer Family SFTP, combined with S3 Intelligent Tiering. We also provided guidelines for optimizing S3 costs by fine-tuning manual tiering for when they accumulate enough S3 data usage.

Key Challenges

Innomedio had an ever-expanding volume of critical backups stored on their virtual private server, which was a single point of failure.

Implementation Highlights

  • Automated Borg Backups to AWS S3: To ensure the backup data was stored securely and redundantly, we leveraged AWS S3, a reliable cloud storage service.
  • Leveraging AWS Transfer Family SFTP: To facilitate the seamless transfer of backups to AWS S3, we integrated AWS Transfer Family SFTP. This service ensured a secure, managed, and fully scalable SFTP infrastructure, enabling Innomedio to transfer their Borg backups with ease.
  • S3 Intelligent Tiering for Data Optimization: we didn't stop at mere storage; we implemented S3 Intelligent Tiering to optimize data costs. This service automatically moved objects between two access tiers based on changing access patterns. It ensured that Innomedio paid only for the storage they needed, saving costs while maintaining reliability.
  • Cost Optimization Guidelines: Furthermore, we provided Innomedio with guidelines on fine-tuning S3 tiering based on their data usage. This proactive approach allowed them to adjust their tiering strategy as their data needs evolved, ensuring cost-efficiency without compromising data integrity.

Key results

This comprehensive solution delivered a winning combination of increased reliability and cost-efficiency for Innomedio. By automating Borg backups and securely storing them on AWS S3, they gained peace of mind knowing their data was safe and easily recoverable. The integration of S3 Intelligent Tiering and cost optimization guidelines allowed them to manage their costs effectively, scaling up or down as needed.

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