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AWS Video streaming

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Bagi Mátyás
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In the evolving landscape of television broadcasting, Antenna Group, a leading television content provider, sought to implement an efficient live streaming solution fast for their television program. The project's objective was to seamlessly incorporate video streaming into their website, enhancing their viewers' experience.

Initial Project Status

Antenna Group recognized the need for a live streaming solution to deliver television content to their audience. Their specific requirement was to stream TV content for extended periods, approximating eight hours each day. Amazon IVS was chosen as the ideal solution due to its managed services, developer-friendly tools, and the capability to deliver low-latency live streaming to a global audience.

Key Challenges

  • The primary challenge was ensuring continuous, low-latency TV streaming for an extended period, with minimal disruption to viewers.
  • Antenna Group needed an efficient way to host and distribute TV content while ensuring high availability and security.
  • Integrating the video player via iframe in Antenna Group's website.

Implementation Highlights

  • Created an Amazon IVS channel, configured the channel type to suit their needs, optimizing for "Advanced SD (480p)," and set the video latency to "Standard latency."
  • Set up a static website which hosted the video player on Amazon S3. The S3 bucket was configured with versioning enabled, encryption for content security, and public access blocked to protect TV content.
  • CloudFront distribution was created and the S3 bucket was designated as the origin. Access was restricted using 'Origin access control settings,' allowing content delivery exclusively through CloudFront. Adjustments were made to the bucket policy to grant access to CloudFront.
  • The video player was imported into Antenna Group's website using iframe, ensuring that it blended with the existing user interface and website design.


  • Amazon IVS, in conjunction with AWS services, ensured continuous, low-latency TV streaming daily.
  • Antenna Group's TV content was safeguarded, as all S3 objects were set to private, and direct access was restricted to CloudFront, strengthening protection against unauthorized access.
  • AWS services allowed Antenna Group to easily scale their TV streaming solution as their audience grew, without compromising on performance or security.

Technologies Used

  • AWS: IVS, S3, Cloudfront, IAM
  • Amazon IVS Player SDK: Video.js Integration
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